When you have a membership with an online essential oil company, you have two missions—one is to sell your products to people in your social circle, and another is to attempt to recruit other sellers who want to work with you on your team. Working on these two goals can be fulfilling and can keep you busy, but it's always important that you take the right approach. Some people who work for essential oil network marketing companies make mistakes that aren't in their best interest, and such mistakes can be costly to their success. Here are some mistakes that you should ensure that you don't make.

Holding Back Information

Your company will have provided you with all sorts of informative resources that you can use regarding the benefits of your essential oils and how to effectively use them. It's a mistake to hold back some of this information from prospective customers. For example, you might think about writing on your social media page, "I'll give details about the health benefits of lemon oil to the first two people who buy a bottle," but this is a bad approach. Remember, this is an information age in which people can easily access this information elsewhere. Be as open as possible and you may find that your openness encourages people to buy from you.

Critiquing Other Companies

There are a number of online essential oil companies that offer opportunities similar to what you get as a member of your company. If you have a large social media following, you may find that some friends represent some of the other companies and are frequently posting about their products. Don't be petty and critique other companies. Doing so can seem like an effective way to drive people toward you, but the reality is that your technique won't appeal to people and you may drive people away. Focus on the benefits of your oils and your company instead.

Overselling Financial Freedom

It's true that if you work hard and recruit a lot of people who want to sell essential oils, you can use this online business as a steady source of income. While it's valuable to encourage people to obtain their own memberships if they need money, don't oversell the financial freedom that this job can provide. For example, it may be tempting to exaggerate a little about your earnings or what they've provided, but this dishonesty isn't a good sales pitch. Although you may want to keep your financial figures to yourself, be honest about what your earnings have provided you and your family.

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